Independent cybersecurity laboratory

Overclock is Iran's first independent cyber security laboratory

Behzad Qasemi
Overclock cybersecurity laboratory

Overclock Scientific Research Group

Overclock Cybersecurity Laboratory, which is also known as Overclock Scientific Research Group, is the first cybersecurity laboratory in Iran.​
This center was established by Behzad Qasemi in 2009 with the aim of identifying and analyzing cyber threats and currently works in the field of cybersecurity.

Overclock Center

Goals of the overclock team

With the aim of raising the level of cyber understanding of the society, Over the years of its activity, Overclock has organized various free training courses in scientific and educational centers.

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Overclock is the leader in the cybersecurity industry

During its years of activity, overclock has been able to organize more than 30 training courses, workshops and seminars in cooperation with educational and academic centers in order to increase people’s awareness and knowledge in the field of cyber security.

Overclock Cybersecurity of the Cyber World

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