14-years-old Hacker

Introduction of cybersecurity with a story

14-year-old hacker, the story of more than 14 years of activity in the field of hacking and security

14-years-old hacker
Behzad Qasemi
14-year-old hacker
The main story

How I became a hacker

The 14-year-old hacker book is derived from my personal experiences during my years of work in the field of hacking and cybersecurity. A true story in which I point out the mistakes along the way and the strengths that made me progress.

14-year-old hacker

How you become a hacker

The main goal of this book is to familiarize the reader with the world of hacking and security and to guide people to enter the world of cybersecurity and act as a cybersecurity expert.

14-year-old hacker Front cover

The 14-year-old hacker book will introduce you to the real world of hackers

The real world of hackers is very different from the hackers shown in movies and series. In the 14-year-old hacker book, an attempt has been made to provide the readers of this book with a roadmap to becoming a real hacker.

Let's go to become a hacker

Let's go to become a hacker

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